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High temperature vacuum brazing
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HD Brazing® is a unique trademark registered by Aalberts Surface Technologies. Aalberts Surface Technologies is part of global industrial specialist Aalberts. More than 16,000 people work for Aalberts Industries in more than 50 countries.

HD Brazing® is a process developed by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. in the field of high temperature / vacuum brazing.

This is an advanced way of brazing and, as the name implies, is performed at high temperatures (>800°C) in a protective atmosphere (vacuum oven).

Other brazing techniques are soft brazing (<450°C) and hard brazing (450-800°C). The advantage of the vacuum brazing process compared to hard and/or soft brazing is that stronger and higher quality connections are realised without using flux. As a result, no unwanted surface reactions occur and the parts remain clean and bright during the brazing process. Furthermore, after the vacuum brazing process, the parts can undergo almost all hardening processes such as, for example, carburizing, nitriding, nitrocarburizing or vacuum hardening. It is even possible to carry out hardening and vacuum brazing in one process.

With vacuum brazing, very high quality and high load-bearing connections can be realized that in many cases are superior to welded connections. Very complex geometries, which cannot be constructed in any other way, can also be produced.






location in Eindhoven

The HD Brazing® process is performed at our plant in Eindhoven.

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