HD Brazing® properties

HD Brazing®

A process developed by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. in the field of high temperature / vacuum brazing.

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properties of HD Brazing®

The main properties of vacuum brazed joints are:

  • Very strong and reproducible joints. Equivalent to or even stronger than the base material.
  • The use of noble brazing materials results in corrosion-resistant joints.
  • Joints can be exposed to relatively high insertion temperatures. (< 800°C)
  • Clean process. Products will stay metallically clean.
  • Brazing without flux. No unwanted surface reactions.
  • Very clean hygienic gap-free connection. Important for the food or medical industry.
  • Vacuum tight/leak tight joints.
  • Ability to join different materials together (for example: metal-ceramic).
  • Brazing and hardening is possible in one process.
  • Parts can undergo virtually any hardening process after soldering.
  • High degree of constructional freedom; thick/thin is possible, large surfaces can be joined.
  • Multiple connections can be made in one process. Complex products are possible
  • High degree of dimensional stability possible, no or almost no deformations.
  • Both single pieces and larger series can be treated.
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