The process

HD Brazing®

A process developed by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. in the field of high temperature / vacuum brazing.

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HD Brazing® has been developed by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. as a further development of vacuum brazing. The connections made with this joining technique are reproducible and of a high quality.

vacuüm brazing

During the brazing process, a high vacuum causes a reducing atmosphere and removes the oxides on the material surface. Because no new oxides are formed, the surfaces remain metallically bright and there is optimal wetting of the brazing material on the parts to be joined. Use of fluxes, which are normally used in brazing, are therefore not necessary. Through optimal construction of the components, where a (minimum) gap is essential, joints can be realized with a strength that is equivalent to, or even stronger than, the base material.

The following aspects play an important role in vacuum brazing:

  • the cleaning of the parts to be brazed.
  • availability of clean assembly areas.
  • the use of high-vacuum furnaces.
  • the process variables
  • loading tools
  • testing capabilities.

In this regard, all furnaces of Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven are calibrated in accordance with Class 2 or 4 of AMS 2750F. We also have various ISO certifications, a Nadcap certification and various customer-specific clearances.

A typical soldering treatment looks like this:

  • cleaning of the parts to be brazed
  • assembly of the solder (foil, wire, paste, powder, galvanic coating)
  • placing of the parts on the furnace frame
  • furnace process (microprocessor controlled)
  • unpacking and visual inspection
  • testing/final inspection
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