HD Brazing® has been developed by Hauck Heat Treatment as a further development of the vacuum brazing. The joints created by this joining technique can be reproduced and are high grade.

During the vacuum brazing process, a high vacuum causes a reducing atmosphere and it removes the oxides of the surface of the material. As there are no new oxides formed, the surfaces remain metallically blank and optimal wetting takes place of the braze on the parts to be joined. Fluxing agents, which are usually used when brazing, are therefore not necessary. Due to the optimal construction of the parts, whereby a minimal brazing gap is of essential importance, joints can be realized, by diffusion, with a strength that is equal to, or even stronger than the basic material.

The following aspects play an important role in HD Brazing® :

  • cleaning the parts to be brazed
  • the availability of clean assembly rooms
  • the use of high vacuum furnaces
  • the process variables
  • the loading tools
  • the test facilities.
  • In this regard, Hauck Heat Treatment has a Nadcap certification and customer approvals.

A typical vacuum brazing treatment takes place as follows:

  • Cleaning the parts to be brazed
  • Assembly of braze (foil, thread, paste, powder, galvanic layer) and products
  • Setting up the part on the furnace frame
  • Furnace process (steered by microprocessor)
  • Unpacking and visual inspection
  • Testing / final check
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