Examples of applications

HD Brazing®

A process developed by Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven B.V. in the field of high temperature / vacuum brazing.

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HD Brazing® is used in a wide variety of industries.

aerospace industry

Nickel alloys, titanium and precipitation hardening steels are widely used in the aerospace industry. Joints must be reliable and reproducible. Aalberts Surface Technologies Eindhoven is AS/EN9100 and Nadcap certified.

Examples of products; parts for the fuel system or landing gear, honeycomb parts, jet engine/turbine parts, guiding blades.

food, medical and pharmaceutical industries

Stainless steel is mostly used in these industries. Products have high demands with regard to hygiene and the relevant products must therefore be crevice-free/aseptic (counteracting bacteria and other contamination risks). The brazing material here must also be mostly corrosion resistant.

Examples of products; many different machine parts such as, mixers, impellers, pump parts and surgical instruments.

precision industry

This includes the semiconductor industry, mechatronics, measurement and control technology, ultra-high vacuum and equipment manufacturing. This often involves high-quality materials such as stainless steel, titanium, copper, cobalt or even ceramics.

Examples of products; vacuum pumps and chambers, research equipment, thermocouples, sensors, cooling plates, heatingwires or positioning parts.

power generation technology

In energy engineering, the focus is often on gas and watertight connections combined with high corrosion resistance. Frequently used materials are: stainless steel, copper, titanium alloys, superalloys. 

Examples of products; heat exchangers, burner heads, honeycomb parts, turbine parts, parts for hydrogen production.

moulds/tools industry

Tool steels, which are simultaneously brazed, hardened and tempered. Often these are divided structures that are easy to machine on their own and form a complex (die) part after brazing.

Product example: CD die with cooling channels around the product forming part.

general engineering & automotive

Many parts produced from steel (semi-finished products) which are then brazed with a copper base brazing material to form finished products.

Examples of these types of products include; hose couplings, levers, coolers, sprockets, valves, and piping


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