HD Brazing® are applied in very various industries:

  • Aerospace industry. Nickel alloy or precipitation hardening types of steel. The joints have to be reliable and reproducible. Hauck Heat Treatment is Nadcap i.a. certified. Products; honeycomb parts, jet engine parts, splitters.
  • Food- and medical (pharmaceutical) industry. Mostly stainless steel. Hygiene relevant products (gap free, aseptic)Products; blenders, fans, surgical instruments.
  • Precision-industry. Includes the semiconductor industry, mechatronics, measuring and control techniques, ultra-high vacuum and device construction. Often higher grade materials like certain types of stainless steel, titanium, copper or even ceramics. Products; vacuum pumps, research equipment, thermocouples, sensors, cooling plates, positioning parts.
  • Energy technique. Stainless steel, titanium alloy. The emphasis often lies with gas- and waterproof joints. Products; heat exchangers, burner heads, honeycomb parts, turbine parts.
  • Dies industry. Tool steel types, brazing, hardening and tempering. Often divided constructions that can be easily worked as such and that form a complex whole after brazing. Products; dies with cooling channels around the product shaping part.

•General mechanical engineering & automotive. Mostly steel parts that are brazed using copper based braze. Products; hose couplings, levers, coolers, sprockets, pipes.

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